Configuring DELL IDRAC to Forward Logs to Log Insight

An integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) with Lifecycle Controller is embedded in every Dell PowerEdge server. It provides functionality that helps you deploy, update, monitor and maintain Dell PowerEdge servers with or without a systems management software agent.

VMware vRealize Log Insight has a content pack for IDRAC which lets you monitor the logs from the Dell IDRAC and also enables you to set up an alert mechanism on the same.

The Steps for Configuring DELL IDRAC to Forward Logs to Log Insight are listed below :

Note : The below option for forwarding of IDRAC Logs is only available with the Enterprise versions of Dell IDRAC.

Step 1 : Log in to the Chasis Management Controller UI . Select Server Overview > Properties > Status


Step 2 : Click on the IDRAC button of the server for which you need to Configure Log forwarding to Log Insight


Step 3 : Now you will be logged on to the IDRAC UI


Step 4 : On the IDRAC UI, Select Server > Logs > Settings

On the Settings Page >  Enable the Remote Syslog Settings > Enter the IP of the Log Insight Server against the Syslog Server1 text box and  Enter the Port Number 


 Click Apply

Step 5 : Select Server > Alerts > Enable the Alerts and Alert Filter as per your requirements


Click Apply

Step 6 : Scroll down to the Alerts and Remote System Log Configuration > Enable the Remote System Log for the Alerts


Click Apply

Step 7 : Enable the Remote System Logs as required for all the Pages


Once all the above steps have been completed. Any new logs generated will be forwarded to the vRealize Log Insight instance and the dashboards that come in default with the IDRAC Content Pack will start populating data.


Note : Existing logs will not be displayed. Only the New logs that will be generated post the configuration will be forwarded and listed in Log Insight.

Happy Learning !



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